Extreme Sitting On People Prank!

This girl really has guts! These guys have made a prank, in which this girl must sit randomly into the arms of some targets. Each of them reacted quite strange.

Imagine this : you’re lying in the park, completely chilling, and all of a sudden, a girl walks to you and sits on your lap! Well, this was really awkward for our first young target. He had no idea what was going on. He even asked the girl “Are you alright?” and our performer replied ” Yeah, I am good. ” as if it was completely normal! Pretending to be enjoying the “good view”, she refused to get up. Even with the guy asking her as politely as he could to get up, she refused, saying that it was her “seat”. This guy exhibits the first type of reactions in this prank: polite, stammering and…confused!

Probably the saddest moment was when this girl destroyed a relationship because of her social experiment. “Oh, you’re still holding my hand while she is sitting on you” said the man’s girlfriend. But she is right. Why didn’t he react? He didn’t even bother to move away our strange girl. He remained steadfast, as a statue. Why? On the other hand, his girlfriend reacted properly! He definitely deserved it, and so did SHE, our cocky girl!

Her last target had one of the most bizarre and unusual reactions! Meet our man: tall, African American, sturdy and very naughty! Maybe he seemed very educated, normal and polite at first, asking “Excuse me, do I know you?”, but this is the moment when we have to learn that first impressions can be deceiving! He smiled while looking at the girl, he took her in his arms and … watch the video! What was he trying to do? Did he unveil his beast side? Was he just trying to scare the girl? Did he want to make a joke to teach our lady a lesson? Nobody will ever know. The point is that he was one of the strangest and awkward people who participated at this social experiment!

What do you think about this girl and this “prank”? Do you think that you would find this to be an interesting experience? Or would you find it to be a childish joke that could lead to unpleasant consequences? Would you do this if you were in her place? But what if she did this to you? How would you react?

Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US