Batman v Superman : Should You Go To Theaters Or Not?


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has definitely been one of the most awaited movie of 2016, with the promising casts like Ben Affleck , Henry Cavill , Gal Gadot , Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Momoa. It’s initial release date was March 20, 2016. Since the movie has already been released worldwide now, the hype is still growing. If you are confused whether you should go and watch the war between two super heroes, you should get the reviews first. Here are two best Batman v Superman reviews:



If you are still in dilemma or at the edge whether you should or shouldn’t watch the movie, you might as well try watching this review :


You would not want to miss out such an epic battle that we’ve all been rooting since ages. On top of that, we have a new Batman. Don’t miss the chance of watching a 2 hour and 31 minutes movie filled with action, adventure, science, fiction and fantasy.