Man Secretly Snaps A Photo While She Sleeps. Now Notice What’s In His Left Hand.

Afew years back, Ray Smith decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend Claire. But soon after, the happy couple found out they were expecting a baby — which prompted Ray to go about planning the proposal a bit differently. Or should I say, a lot differently…

Ray began his proposal to Claire on July 31. And nearly 150 days later, Ray was still proposing.

You see, every day for five months straight, Ray secretly asked Claire to marry him in a photograph, holding a simple white card that read “Will you marry me?” 148 different proposals in 148 different ways, yet Claire had absolutely noidea. “It was really stressful putting it all together, it took a lot of hard work,” Ray told Metro. “She nearly caught me a couple of times but I just had to pray it worked.” Ray even included his friends and family in the incredible proposal. He had them make their own cards, pose for the camera while asking Claire to marry Ray.

Ray set his final proposal date for Christmas Day, where he showed Claire all of the photos, and finally asked her to her face. Think she said yes?

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US