Unbeatable Shaolin Monks Takes Punches Like A Sponge, Looks Like He’s Enjoying It

One time me and my friend were at a party. We’d been drinking a lot and he went outside to have a cigarette. He was a bit more drunk than me, but I was still shocked when, out of the blue he looked right at me and announced “I want you to punch me in the face.”
Now, I didn’t want to, and in actual fact until then I hadn’t punchedanyonein the face before, friend or foe. But my buddy was wasted and insistent and I eventually figured, “Hey, what the hell. I’m weak as a baby lamb. My arms are like two linguine noodles. If I hit him then he’ll be fine.” And so with that in mind, I stepped back, drew a deep breath and smacked him right in the jaw.
My friend immediately toppled over. I’m not sure how much of it was down to the punch or just shock that I actually did it, but he had claimed that I would have been able to hit without him even registering that he’d been hit. Instead the opposite happened: he fell over and started groaning. But that’s usually what happens when you get punched in the face.
The point of my story is to illustrate that for ordinary people, even a punch in the face from a weakling writer is painful and can at least stagger you. But that isn’t the case for everybody. There are men and women out there possessed of total self-discipline: people who have trained their bodies to cope with the very limits of human endurance. We have one such example to share with you today; remarkable footage of a Shaolin monk who seems to be immune to pain and impervious to harm. See him in action on page two.