Jenifer Notingham

  • Curry’s Amazing Buzzer-Beater

    With his first halfcourt buzzer-beater of the season followed by a dazzling quarter, Curry looked just like the player who won the MVP the past two years. Curry scored 25 of his 43 points in the third quarter following his long-range shot to end of the first half, leading the Warriors to their ninth win […]

  • 10 Lesser Know Outdoor Activities in California

    California is a major state, truth be told, it is the third biggest in the nation. The vast majority relate California with motion picture stars, avocados, and tech. In any case, for a globe-trotter, it is a great deal more. Go to the eastern side of the state and you will keep running into California’s […]

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  • Student Tells People They’re Beautiful and Films Their Emotional Reactions

    As we respect all the excellence around us that this world brings to the table, we frequently overlook one vital reality: we are each a part of that magnificence. Yes, there are awesome show-stoppers, stunning scenes, and structural marvels, but on the other hand we’re remarkable, complex creatures who convey a variety of important stories […]